Monday 15 October 2012

Been a while...

Hey guys!!

Well it's defiantly been a while since last wrote on my blog!! Well here's a little catch up!!

Firstly my birthday was great, thankyou all for the many happy birthdays!! I got loads of presents including a blankie, a new bone, a cake, a teddy, toys and a lovely card from mums little cousin!!
My cake was very yummy!!

Millie the kitten has found a new loving home!! She now lives in Devon and me and mum miss her loads!!
Everythings going good with mums heart problems, although she can't do boxing for a which is shame (more time to spend on me though).

Molly is great to!! She's still her lovely self!!

Oh yeah mums going to crufts next year to!! Shes going to watch the agility and flyball :D

And even more recent news someone broke into the house!! It was either today or yesterday but they broke in (mum thinks it was someone we know because i don't let strangers in) and did something really disgusting in nans room!! It's so disgusting i'm not going to say what it was!! AND the person tried to frame me!! They ripped up a jacket so it would look like it was me!! But mum knows it weren't be because the idiot who done it re made the bed aferwards!!!

Oh yeah also mum told me to mention, we have a brand new size 4 halti head collar, mum bought it and it's the wrong one (she was meant to buy size 3) mum got it out the box once to see if i would fit into it and it didn't so it's literally brand new!! So if anyone needs a size 4 halit head collar please leave a comment saying so!!

Anyway thats all for now!! Hows everyone doing?? :)