Saturday 29 December 2012

Quick update

Thought today i'd give you all a quick update on how cousin Molly is doing, before moving house i lived in her house for a while with mum, she had to stay at uncle Lewis' house because shes older and i would of harrased her to play (pfft as if i'd do that) and sometimes she gets narky around other dogs. Well she loved it there and got spoiled to death (not literally). When i moved into my new house she came back home to her house, she has lost loads of weight and had loads of new toys, one of them was even bigger and heavier then her BOL. She also had an operation on her claw because it got tugged out while she was playing, everything went well :)

Anyways have a brilliant day! Heres our fact of the day.

Friday 28 December 2012

Checking out the new area

This was supposed to be posted yesterday but the stupid internet stopped working also i couldn't get round to everyones blog because of the internet :(

Today i went for my first proper off lead walk in the new area, it was great fun, i got to run in all the long grass and explore and even run in a huge puddle! There was no birds to chase though... sadly. 

'Look at all the long grass mum'

Sadly when we were near the end of the walk i got put on a long lead :(

So everyday i'm gonna try and bring youse all a funny, silly, bonkers but true fact! 
Heres the first ever one...

Have a fantastic Friday everyone! 

Wednesday 26 December 2012

I'm backkk

I know i was supposed to be back for Christmas eve but me and mum have been so busy moving house we couldn't get onto here, we hope youse will be so kind and forgive us.

Sorry it's  a bit late, i hope you all had a great day, full off presents and food! I also hope Santa paws came and give you all presents, i got loads!! I had great fun opening them, i got 2 rope toys, loads of bone chews, loads of christmas shape chews, my own christmas cracker, these hohoho treats, a squeaky ball and bone and loads of other stuff!!! But my best present was definatly this....
I GOT A BIG HUGE KONG OMD IM SO HAPPY!!! Oh yeah, you see my mummys pretty nail? She spent like 2 hours doing that, humans are so silly. 

What did youse all get??

And the next best present (nothing can beat my kong) has to be our new house, we moved in on christmas eve, mum said she will take pictures to show you all when we've finished decorating :D Mum said to make myself at home....

... so i did.
Your our bed is so comfy mum 

Nothing better than cuddling on the couch with your mummy 

Wednesday 19 December 2012

Have a merry Christmas full of joy and... Obama?

Yes you read the title right, it does say Obama!! I don't now whether i've mentioned this before but my mum has a slight obsession like towards Obama, i knew how much she was obsessed liked him but i didn't expect this....

She came home today with a Christmas present for her (first one she's got BOL) and it wasn't the normal kind of present.... it was this...
Yep she really has a mask and t shirt of Obama, my mum is crazy!!

Oh yeah i just wanted to say a big thankyou to Wrigs and his mummy, there card came today so now we have 2 under the tree and 3 lovely e cards!!!

Pee S- Starting tomorrow i'm not gonna be around for a while, my silly mummy isn't gonna be around to help  me type the blog  :( I'll miss you all so much! But i will be back on Christmas eve!!

Monday 17 December 2012

Are you prepared...

... to read this huge post.. BOL!!

OMD so much has gone on that i need to tell you all about! First i'm gonna start with the award off Ruby, me and mum wanna say thankyou!!! If you don't know Ruby (I'm sure youse all do) go pop down to her blog, it's great!!!

So heres what i have to do with the super sweet award:
-Give the blog who nominated me credit.... DONE.
-Answer the questions 
-Pass the award onto a bakers dozen.


Cookies or cake? COOKIES YUM YUM YUM
Chocolate or vanilla? Vanilla, chocolate will make me sick and could even kill me :O
What is your favorite sweet treat? Urmmmm ice cream yum.
When do you crave sweets? Whenever i sees them!
If you had a sweet nickname what would it be? I don't have any sweet nicknames but i do have nicknames, Miles and (this one is so embarrassing) Babs.... de shame. 

Now i'v gotta pass this onto some buddies, hmm...

Hmmm i'll choose Madi because i've know her for ages on here and she is like my BFF!!
Molly the wally because she is always so lovely and makes me and mum laugh all the time.
Mollie, she is a new friend but is so lovely and even christmasd me!!
And last but of course not least Stella and Rory because we have known them for a while and they're so nice!! 

You guys have probably already got this award but still, enjoy!! :)

Okay, heres some more news, me and mum are moving house and today mum found out there is a lovely staffie next door called Blue, he's white and also deaf but REALLY friendly and mum said when we move she will be walking him a lot and he can even join our walks!!! I can't wait! Wippieee!!

Another thing, mum has to draw dogs for coursework and she seen a rather beautiful picture of our friend Stig, mum decided if she drew the picture it would make a lovely contribution on her coursework, befores showing mum wanted to add some words.....

Okay, well I have done the picture, drawn and painted it and although I'm quiet proud of it the colour of Stig's fur is a little off because it was so hard to get the right colour! I hope it looks alright!
Yeah yeah mum stop all yours yappin and just show de pic... (humans worry abouts everything!) 

mum hopes you like it Stigs mummy and daddy (she's such a  moan BOL!!)

Oh yeah and our house is haunted (me and mum think anyways) we heard a big bang and went into the back room and loads of stuff was all over the floor!! And it happened again in the middle of the night! Me being the brave and confident dog i am started barking and growling and went to check it out with mum hiding behind me walking by my side, it was so scary!!

Anyways i will give all your eyes a rest from reading this post, sorry it's so long!! I do bark on a bit sometimes!! Anyways have a marvelous Monday and keep dry!!! 

Friday 14 December 2012

Thank god it's Friday...

Finally Friday has come, after a wet and windy walkies me and mum decided to cuddle on the couch and watch the tv, well mum watched the tv... i practiced my bat man impression....


Close up
Mum said i hog the couch and sleep like a weirdo, what is she talking about?

I sleep perfectly normal.... kinda.. BOL.

Have a fantastic Friday everyone, oh and by the way remember, if you want a snail mail Christmas card of me send your address to, i sent a few out today so watch your post guys!! :D

Thursday 13 December 2012

Santa paws...

Santa paws is such a strange guy, i hope i see him this year, mum said he's only gonna come if i'm extra good.. i think i have to redeem myself though because i ate her pen yesterday... oops.

I was very excited when the postman came today, he dropped of a huge package...

It's so big!!!

Whos this for mum??
You just wait and see.
Is it mine?
Can i have it then?
Wait till Christmas. 

Nooooo I've got to wait so long, only a few more sleeps now, hurry up Santa paws, come and make it Christmas!

Pee s- Mummy said i can send snail mail cards out, if you want one email your address at: :D

Have a great day!!

Wednesday 12 December 2012

In the post...

The postman came this morning and dropped off a special card for me... my card came of Molly :D I was so excited to open it!! It was very lovely, mummy put it by the tree and it looks great!!

Thankyou Molly!! Me and mum are very happy with our card! I will be sending one back soon enough, watch your post!! 

Tuesday 11 December 2012


Thankyou to everyone who has asked for our address and email to send us Christmas cards, Maggie Mae and max's email card came, thanks guys :D

Anyways, back to the point of this post, today i am a very happy dog. 
I got mums help and we went to search the garden again for my kong..
It's not on the fence..

..or on top of the shed...
'It's not down here mummy'

Not by the birds enemies bath
It's not even in the corner!

MY KONG (looking very dirty)
After a long soak my kong was clean and ready to play with!!

So now as you can imagine i am a very happy dog, i finally have my kong back, i hope everyone has such a terrific Tuesday!!!

Pee s- only 14 more days till santa paws comes!!!! 

Friday 7 December 2012


Sadly there has been no sign of my kong again, me and mummy have looked everywhere :(

On another note, can anybody explain this Christmas card thingy? I'd love to get some as well as send some out but i don't know how everyone does it, can anyone educate me and mum? Thankyou :)

Thursday 6 December 2012

The missing kong...

So, my favorite toy in the world is missing, oh where is my kong :( I haven't been able to find it all day, i miss it so much :(

Heres what my kong looked like when i had it...

 I was playing with it yesterday but now it's gone...

   It's not in nans shopping trolly...               
   Maybe it could be under the kitchen table!

 Nope. Doesn't seem to be here...

Maybe Christmas moose will know where it is!!

After a short interrogation he admitted he had no clue, looks like i'm back to square one.

I think i'll try again tomorrow, it's getting late and mummy thinks it's time to settle down. Come back tomorrow to find out if i found my kong, goodnight everyone!

Wednesday 5 December 2012


WOWIEEE!! It's starting to feel more and more christmassy everyday, me and mum just finished putting up the Christmas decorations, the place looks great, i can't wait!! Only 20 more days till Santa paws comes down the chimney and gives us presents :D

Have a wonderful Wednesday everyone!!

Sunday 2 December 2012

Nearly Christmas!!

Hi everyone, well I've got a lot of news to share. Firstly, how was everybodys bomb fire night? Mine was terrible, i hate the fireworks, one good thing though, i went with mum to stay at her nans the day before and we've been there ever since, we're moving house in about 2 weeks so we're staying here till then. It's great at mummys nans, i get spoilt rotten and have put on quite a bit of weight!!!

Oh yeah... ITS NEARLY CHRISTMAS! I'm so excited, i love Christmas, i can't wait to spend it in my new house :D Only 23 more days now, woop woop!!

I'll share more with everyone later, for now i have to go out for a big jog with mummy, have a super sunday everyone!!