Sunday 22 July 2012


You could tell it was summer today! The sun was shining, the birdies were singing and mum started some work on the garden! Since were moving she said the house needs to look nice for the new people that move in and that the garden is her responsibility, but i knew i had to help by making some lovely new holes in the mud! I new mum was getting bored and couldn't resist getting her to play on the trampoline with me, i got her on and she bounced while throwing my tennis ball for me it was great! But the best part was when mum got two chairs and put the washing pole in between them to make it look like a agility jumping pole thingy! I jumped over for a while but decided to sunbathe after a while, a dog needs his sun time, why else would i be so brown! Plus i had to supervise my humans while they worked on packing and stuff, you know what they're like, always getting it wrong! I don't have any nice pictures to show everyone because silly mum forgot her phone!!

Molly had a bit of fun today as well, she mostly sunbathed though i asked her why she sunbathed for ages and she said it was a girl thing? Oh well! But she did have a run around after a while with my humans (yes MY humans) but then again i'll have to thank her, when i'm on my own it takes a while for me to tire them out but she helped a little!

Oh yeah i think i'm going on a play date with my big brother tomorrow, i haven't seen him for ages!!!

My dad, Harry.

my doggy mum Candy (obv not my proper mum, my proper mum is my human Elise!) and my identical
twin brother Max, we look so alike!!!

Saturday 21 July 2012

Bad yesterday, funny today :)

Lets start from the beginning, yesterday i seen this dog, he was really bouncy and i really didn't like it! I told him off and in doing so accidently hurt him, he's fine now though mum went round to see him today and he's all good! Anyway i don't want to go into that because i feel ashamed! I bought him some treats to say sorry and my mum bought his mum some chocolates to apologize for my bad behavior.  

Anyway back to today! Today was a good day, firstly mum was teaching me how to bow and i was getting pretty good at it before i decided i was bored and we stopped, mummy started talking to granddad to and i wanted attention! Since she didn't give me any i went and lied on her feet so she couldn't move, that would make her pay all her attention on me! She didn't notice at first but she did after a while and i made her laugh :) Ohhh and mummy put a lolly pop in the bin, i like lolly pops so i stole it, yeno what mum did.. she stuck her hand in my mouth and took the lolly pop stick out my mouth! Humans are disgusting! yukkk!

It was really comfy!


Thursday 19 July 2012

Silly mum!

My god! It's the start of the summer holidays and my mum has done something to her little finger while boxing so thats strapped  and bandaged up! Plus three years ago she broke her ankle and had to get an operation, a year later she had to get another operation on it and silly her didn't go to physio therapy so now it still hurts sometimes so she has that bandaged up to!! Silly mum! In a way though i'm glad she broke her ankle 3 years ago because she got me as a present for being so brave, nice plan mum;) I was looking forward to a lovely long walk today but only got a short one because mum couldn't take me out and no one in the family does walks like mum!!

Well theres always tomorrow! I don't care if she has almost broke her fingers, she's still taking me out! Never mind pet insurance i should go out and get mum insurance!

I seen next doors cat climb on the windowsill and wanted to show
her how i could do it better. 

Sunday 15 July 2012

Recall training

Mum says my recall isn't as good as usual and that we need to work on it, i think it's perfectly fine.. in fact  i know it's perfectly fine! The only reason she thinks it isn't is because i don't always come back when i'm told, i mean seriously cant a guy have a sniff! 

Although the walk today mostly revolved around my recall it was still really fun!! I loved the games we played! But i think mum took it to far when she decided to play hide and seek without telling me! I came back to tell her about the wonderful puddle i just jumped in and she wasn't there! I got so worried and started searching for her, i found her hiding in the long grass! At least she gave me a treat when i found her, i told her to never do anything silly like that again, she had me worried half to death! 

Oh and guess what, cousin Molly took mum out to! I've told her over and over shes my mum, i told you she wanted her to herself! I be mum had more fun with me than she did with molly though! 

I decided to have a little rest with mum

Here's molly prancing around, shes such a show off!

Moving house!

I'm so happy that we're moving house in 8 weeks, i'm so excited! Mum doesn't know how well i will settle in but i know i'll be just fine! Especially since i will never see Max (the border collie that jumps up at the fence and tries to bite me) and his sister Emily (a cat.) also there will be new doggies in the area for me to make friends with! I hope we go somewhere really nice with a big field like the one i have by mine now, i will miss the field! 

Wednesday 11 July 2012


I though today i would dedicate my post to Lennox, on May 19th 2010, Lennox was taken from his loving family home by the BCC (Belfast City Council) for no reason at all except that he looked like a pitbull, he was 5 at this time and was in fact a lab american bull dog cross. 

Thousands of people tried to save Lennox but sadly today, 11th July 2012, Lennox has been put to sleep (at 7 am) RIP Lennox, we will all miss you! He was ages 7 and his family didn't even get to say goodbye!! 

Goodnight Lennox, we tried to help<3

Monday 9 July 2012

Long day!

Well today certainly has been a long day! I got my lampshade off which i was happy about and now all my stitches are gone:) Mummy says i look alot happier today, thats because i am! I finally got my walk but sadly it weren't on the field it, it was just around the street because the vet said i need to limit exercise for this week, grrrrrr!

Also my cousin Molly has fleas, probably from the cat next door, it always has fleas and teases my Molly by sitting on the fence were she cannot reach because she's to small:( If i ever seen the cat doing it i would have her straight away! And now she is having kittens so there gonna be more cats!! NOOOOO!

Anyway i'm very tired from my hectic day so n'night everyone:)


Sunday 8 July 2012


Well today i'm very excited as i am going back to the vets (noooo) but i am getting this stupid lampshade off my head finally!! That means great walks again:D Plus now that mummy's boxing training is getting more intense we have plenty more opportunities  to go on runs an jogs!! Anyway i best be off to get ready for the vets, gotta look my best!!

Sunday 1 July 2012

Finally feeling a little better!

I never ever want to go to the vets again! I went there last thursday all happy and came out  with some big head collar cone thingy on my head! It's doing my head in!!! I keep banging it on everything i can't even walk properly! When mummy isn't looking i try and pull it off but she always catches me and stops me. walkies have been rubbish to! Mummy says the field is a no go zone incase i catch an infection, how silly is that!!! I have horrible tablets again but since i'm a good boy I eat them all up:) I never want to see the vets again! At least mum doesn't mind me sleeping on her knee, even though i'm to big to fit!! 

On the bright side my cousin Molly went to a dog show on saturday (i was supposed to go but i couldn't because of the stupid head cone thingy and my stitches) and she won second place in prettiest eyes competition, well done Moll!!! She went with MY mummy though!! She is so trying to share my mum with me! She's all mine.

See! Stupid cone! 

Well done Moll!!