Friday 25 May 2018

Can you believe it's been 5 years.....

Hey guys! It's Milo here. Remember me? Wowzers it's been quite de while hasn't it. De last time I wrote on here was 5 whole years ago! Thats like 35 years in doggy time!!!!!!

Well, a whole lot has changed since I was last here. First of all, mum isn't in school anymore, she finished a few years ago! And guess what she does now? She cheats on me all day with other dogs  She's a dog walker! So she spends her days with lots of other doggos. Sadly I haven't had de chance to meet any of her client dogs yet cause I still has a little trouble with meeting new doggies. But me and Ma have been working super hard on it..and guess has decided I'm ready to make some doggy pals! Apparently, one of the dogs she walks is super chill and friendly, and she says he would be the perfect match for me. So she gots me some brand new muzzles, and she is planning on introducing us real soon!

Now, we also has some super sad news to share, sadly, ma's mum (my nanny) past away in 2014. That is one of the reasons we stopped blogging, ma was super sad, but luckily for her she has gots the best therapist (AKA me) and together we got through it! Itz been 4 years since nanny died, and we miss her everyday, but ma knows thats she's always watching over us!


So, before we get on with the goods stuff, imma tell you something real bad. See, last year, ma decided she wanted to torture me to add to our little family (BAD IDEA MA). So she got me not one... but SIX siblings. Now, these siblings are not what you would expect. Dey is very small, SUPER STINKY (well i think so anyway), and kinda mean when i try to steal share their food withs them. Not just that.. but these weird dogs dont even have real tails, they're all bald and scaly. If you asked ma, she would call them cute and sweet, but I fink they're secretly evil, but they make ma happy so I havent ate them yet. Now blogger friends, I wants you all to prepare yourselves for the strangeness that is my siblings, are you ready?

Aren't they the weirdest dogs you've ever seen!?!

So now the new siblings are outs de way, it's time to focus on the important stuffs... ME!
So, I've been keeping ups with all my important duties, I've been chasing the cats away from the house, and keeping all de birdies out the garden. I mean how would ma survive withouts me? I've also been making sure ma gets her exercise every morning, we now jog! But joggin with humans is quite de chore, they haves such slow legs that they can barely even catch up, so it takes us AGES to get anywhere. I keep tryin' to convince ma to run on all fours but she is having none of it! We've also been on so many new adventures. We founds a wheat field by our house and it has a giant river in, now i don't know if you guys remember but i LOVES de water! So when it gets super hot, ma takes me for a dip in the river.

Heres my handsome mug! I was super tired from chasing the birdies who were hiding in the wheat, bol!

I'm also now on a new diet, Ma decided to feed me like the king I truly am, and I'm now raw feds. Every meal is likes Christmas!

Ma had to flash fry the duck leg cause I'm fussy and REFUSE to eat raw duck BOL

Before we left, I remember I was telling you all abouts my mums obsession with photographing me, well my friends, sadly, it's gotten even worse. I mean I know I'm a super handsome model, but seriously, ma bought a brand new camera and takes it out with us all the time. Literally, I can't do anythin withouts having that little black box pointed in my face! But at least it gives me some pictures to show off to you all! bol!

See the fings she does to me XD

Bribing me with peanut butter....EVIL (and yummy BOL)

Anyways, enough abouts me. I bets you're wondering how ancient, cousin Moll is doing? Well she's doing just great! She's a little old and crusty. but she's still the sweet old girl she's always been, BOL!

She's more white than black now! XD 

Now, I could keep yappin on and on about all de things thats have happened in the last five years, but it might just take you five more years to read it all, so imma rounds this up a little, I missed you alls so much! And I'm so glad to finally be back. Imma spends the next few days catching up on everyones blogs and maybe I will even make a couple of new friends, so, Milo out. Peace!

PeeS- Ma wanted to say a few words.. even doe this is MY blog *sigh*

Hey everyone, I'm so happy to finally be back in the blogasphere, I've missed keeping up with all your antics so much. I'm sorry I was gone for so long, but losing my mum was tough, and I felt down for a long time afterwards. I don't even think I realised how sad I was until recently! But now I'm back to doing the things I love, which obviously includes this! I really can't wait to catch up with you all. Hope you've all had a lovely 5 years! Please tell us how you've all been in the comments below! Love Elise (Milo's ma lol) xoxoxoxox

Ands I'm back, sorry abouts that guys, but Ma is right. We wanna hear all about you guys and what youse have been ups to!

Loads of love, Milo ;)