Thursday 31 January 2013

Smile :)

So mum was looking through her camera at all her old pictures (every single picture is me, except for the ones of the kitten) and she way saying how in nearly all of them i have a BIG smile on my face, what can i say, i'm a happy guy!! Well anyways i thoughts i would share some of the pictures with you all!!!

This is mummys favorite picture of me ever!!

Monday 28 January 2013

Why i've been gone...

So thanks to mummy i haven't been able to come on here for a while, it's impossible to describe how much i missed youse all!!!!

So i was gone because mum was doing too much of this....

And this....

And this....

And too little of this...
(Thanks for the demonstration Moll.)

I told mum how i felt about her neglecting the blog but she didn't listen... my only other option was to shows her...

I thinks she gots the message because, well, she helped me write this blog post now. Bout time you made an effort on the blog instead of working out and studying, you know me and my furiends are more important Thanks mummy!!!

Oh and i just thought i'd let youse all know Bo had a great time in the snow! I bets youse are wondering who Bo is... he's Obamas doggy!!!!!

I would explain but youse all know how my mummy is with Obama.....

Have a fantastic day, love me and mini me!!!

Tuesday 22 January 2013


Mmmmmmm even the word makes me drool!!

So today mummy came home with something odd in her bag, i could smells it but i just couldn't put my paw on what the smell was!! I didn't have to wonder too long 'cause she got them out quick enough.. they were... DOGGY TREATS WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.

I've never tried these ones and could wait, they were actual REAL fish (not the gross whole fishies), they was made by applaws and i couldn't wait to taste them!!

So there they are, now they were so YUMMY, mum said she's gonna have to gets them again soon 'cause i loved them so much i started giving her my paw even when she didn't ask for it (i was being cute for food). But now, here is the biggest suprise.... SHE HAD MORE!! Sadly not all for today but still YAY!!

And i have EVEN MORE exciting news, remember when i was saying about the stairs in the new house? Wells i CONQUERED THEM, yep you heard right- i conquered the stairs!!!!!

Now this shows just how weird the stairs are, they look pretty scary and bare buts mum made me include that we are decorating!!

Anyways i will leave youse all with this silly picture of me....


Monday 21 January 2013

More snowwww!!

Snow makes EVERYTHING better, i didn't think walkies could get better 'till the snow arrived!! I means i have played in snow before buts i just forgot how fun it was because it only comes every once in a while!! Me an mum have been making the most of the snow today!!

Hehe i LOVES snow, mine and mums favorite game to play in the snows is catch the snow balls, it's really fun until i bring one into the house and leave it to melt on the floor. Mum gots a video of me catching them today, don't worry it's only a short one!!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!! I PRAY for more snows in the morning!!!

Thursday 17 January 2013

snow snow snow!!


I was born when it was snowing so my first walkies was in the snow!! Thats why i love the snows so much, it reminds me of when i was just a little pupper and used to go out playing with my big brother Max!!

You see the doggy on the right that looks just like me? Well it's not me, thats Max!! We're identical!!! And the doggy on the left is my doggy mummy!!

Oh yeah and i wanted to shows you all a picture of my beautiful little cousin Evie, her school was doing a dress up day and they had to dress up as super heros!! Evie went as doctor who!!!! She looks just like him and the picture makes mummy giggle, she even has her hair gelled down!!

Have a fantastic day everyone!!!!!

Tuesday 15 January 2013

Valentines day ball

So Mollie and Ranger are hosting the valentines ball, i really want to go BUTS have no one to go with :( So if there are any girlies out there who would wanna go to the ball withs me please say! I can be a real romantic guy and i can dance really well!!!

I cannot wait to go because it will be the first blogville celebration i have been too!

In other news....

Have a terrific Tuesday everyone!

Monday 14 January 2013


Sorry for being absent for a while, with everything going on between the family it's hard for me and mum to find time to blog!! But we're going to start getting back on track!! 

Firstly I'd thank Lee and Phod for this wonderful award!!! I'm so grateful, sorry it's took a while to post it!!! So for this award i have to say 11 things about me, answer the 11 questions asked, choose 11 blogs to give the award to and ask them 11 questions!!!

So first here is 11 things about me:
1. My full name is Milo Harry Robinson. 
2. I'm scared of ironing boards and clothes maidens!!
3. I snore and keep everyone up on most nights.
4. I have a REALLY BAD allergy to chicken, it closes my throat up and makes it hard for me to breath.
5. When my mum drinks fizzy drinks i lick the bottom of the bottle until she gives me a tiny bit.
6. I LOVE water, even really dirty water, i love to get my furs wet and dirty. 
7. When mum gets her phone out i look and wait for her to take a picture- even if she isn't using it to take pictures of me!!!
8. I went through a phase were the only person i would listen to was mum, i was naughty for the rest of the family.
9. I once got stuck under the kitchen cupboards!!!
10. Theres nothing i like better than chasing birds!!
11. Bread is my favorite food!!!

11 questions from Lee and Phod 

What is your favorite part of blogging?
My favorite part of blogging is writing all my adventures and reading about all my friends!!
I love making new friends and reading everyones adventures. 

What do you wish you had more time to do?
Chase birds.
Urm, i'd love to have more time to spend with Milo!!!

Other than the job you're in, if you could do anything what would you want to do?
Well i take my job very seriously, saving the world from birds, but i guess being a police dog would be pretty awesome!!
At the moment i'm in school so i don't have a job but i'm achieving to be a vet, that or being a dog behaviorist would be my dream job!

What is your biggest pet peeve?
Probably people who don't let there kids stroke me because i'm a staffy cross.
Same, either that or people who eat really loud!!!

When was the last time you laughed until it hurt?

I'm always laughing.
Urmmm, today when my friend give me an obama keyring :L

What sport do you enjoy the most?


What is the one sinful treat you can't live without?


Assuming all the living creatures were safe, what 3 possessions would you want to rescue from your burning house?

Kong, cookies and my lead so i can still go walkies!
My teddy Bruce and Milo mini me (they count as one because they're right next to each other), laptop so i can carry on blogging and my memory box (which includes all my memories).

What book are you currently reading?

Not reading one at the moment :(
Animal anatomy and physiology textbook.

What is your favourite holiday?

When i wents to stay with uncle Paul.
Either Wales or Spain when i kisses a sea lion!!!

Is there a day of the week you dread and if so what day?
I love all days :D
Probably Monday! Or thursday, i LOVE tuesday though!!!

Sorry there all mixed up, when i was writing they all got muddled!!

Okay so now i have to write out my 11 questions.
Where is the one place you would love to visit?
What are your hobbies? 
Have you got any bizarre talents?
Favorite foods?
If you could be any animal in the world, what would it be?
How would you describe yourself in one word?
Whats your favorite movie, tv show and book?
Do you have any goals in life that you want to achieve?
What do you love most about blogging?
Whats your fears and phobias?
Most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?

And finally i now get to nominate 11 of you, this is always the hardest bit!!!!!
1. Ruby
2. Dinah, Bridget and Elliot
3. Remington
4. All things collie
5. Stella&Rory
6. Puddles
7. Milo&Jet
8. Muffin
9. Frank
10. Speedy
11. Kirby

So thats that done!!!! 

Just before i go i wanted to show you all mums new book!! She's so happy with it!! 

Tuesday 8 January 2013


So i bets youse are all wondering who the heck is Mike, well mums uncle told her this funny thing which mum didn't believe until she researched it.....

Mike is (or was, he's dead now) A HEADLESS CHICKEN!!!!!!
Yep youse heard me right, a HEADLESS chicken.

He was a normal chicken in a normal farm and as we all know when chickens live on farms they get killed so we can eats them, the farmer man was getting ready to chop Mike's head off (poor Mike) and when he did the weirdest thing happened. The farmer man missed the jugular vein, leaving most of Mike's brain stem intact!!!!!! Mike was able to walk clumsily and even balance on a perch!  Since Mike didn't die, the farmer man decided to keep him and dedicate his life to caring for the money-making headless chicken. He fed him a diet of milk and water via a eye dropper. The chicken was quite a hit and earned $4, 500 per month by doing side shows, he was valued at around $10, 000!

Sadly in March 1947 at a motel in Phoenix Mike died, he started chocking in the middle of the night and the farmer man had left his throat cleaning syringe and eye dropper at the show, Mike sadly chocked to death.

How bizarre is that!!!

I would do a fact but i think Mike's story is a fact in itself... chickens can survive without a head BOL.

Oh yeah another thing, mum told me to tells you all thankyou, me and mummy have been going through a really tough time and youse have managed to cheer us up every single day! We love coming on here and reading your adventures and stuffs, and the comments youse all leave have me and mummy laughing all the time, thankyou so much!!! 

Although Pip is on the mend, keep him in your thoughts<3

Night guys!!

Monday 7 January 2013


Mum is a member of this dog forum and someone asked why they named there dogs what they did, i was very interested to see why mum named me Milo, this is why...

Well when i came home (in 2009) mums sister was only little, she used to watch the tweenies and there was one character on it called Milo, he was funny, excitable and hyper- mum said his personality completely suited mine so the name suited perfectly!!!

This is Milo from the tweenies!! 
Mum also said i was gonna be called Ozzy!! Imagine me being called Ozzy!! Although Ozzy is a lovely name it wouldn't suit me!!

Have a magnificent monday!!

Oh yeah i haven't done my fact of the day for ages!! Me and mum forgot all about it!!!

Just one more thing before i go, mum was looking through her old pictures of me on facebook and came across this....

I swears i wasn't drunk when this was taken.. BOL!!!! 

Saturday 5 January 2013

Super Saturday...

Creative title right? ;]

Anyways today has been so EXCITING!!! I have something very important to tells you all....

There is a very special person here in blogville (well youse are all special but yeah) her name is Lynne, she is extremely talented and makes such beautiful crochets! Mum contacted Lynne and ordered a mini me, it came today- i've never seen mum run to the door so fast!!! As soon as mummy seen it she fell in love she was all like ohhhhh and ahhhhhh, not only did we get a little me we got a Christmas tree to!! Thanks Lynne!! Me and mum think everyone should have one of these, they are amazing and so special. Sadly I'm not allowed to play with mini Milo...apparently i play to rough!! Although i wasn't allowed to play with him i gots to sit with him for pictures...

Chilling on the couch together 

Here he is!
Thankyou so much Lynne, me and mum are so grateful, you really are fabulous!! 

I also have some tragic news, remember my new stuffs i got yesterday? Well, Nigel (the pheasant stuffie) has had an accident and needs an operation, hopefully nurse mummy will be able to save him... come back tomorrow to see how Nigel gots on!!!

Oh and...

Like my new collar? 

Have a fantastic day everyone!!! 

Friday 4 January 2013

Shopping spree

Mum went on a big shopping spree today, not for herself of course, that would be silly! She went for me, this morning she headed off to pets at home to get me some more food and came back with a lot more than just food. I can't wait for tomorrow cause thats when i gets them all!!

You see that weird looking stuffie by the string o' sausages? It's a pheasant, mum gots it for me cause she knows how much i love chasing the pheasants on the field, it even makes a pheasant noise when you bite it!!! 

I don't get why mum loves this little doggy tag she gots for me so much, i don't like them cause they make jingly noises and let the pheasants know i'm coming.. at least my pheasant can't run or fly away!

I think Molly's horoscopes were spot on. My mums is Pisces and it said about getting loads of new stuffs.... it was so true!! Thanks for predicting that so well Molly!!

Oh yeah i seen Blue, my next door neighbor today!
Hey mum is that Blue?
Yep, that's him.
Can i go play zoomies with him?
No, he's inside, you can if he comes out.
Oh yay, he has really big ears for a staffie
Yeah, he looks a bit like batman doesn't he, he can be bat dog

Obviously mum is confused because i am the one and only bat dawg in England.
Have a fantastic friday everyone!!

Wednesday 2 January 2013

Looking back...

Yesterdays post wasn't very big so today i'll make up for it- todays post i'm gonna look back on the wonderful year of 2012. 

Well on the 21st June 2012 i started blogging and shared some puppy pictures

I also took a few trips to the vets, first for a throat infection and then to get neutered (took me a while to forgive mum for that one). 

As you can see i wasn't very happy with mum!!!
No cone can contain me.

I even got into a fight in 2012! I got into my first ever fight with another dog which isn't a very good memory, mum says i haven't been the same around dogs since (well duhh). A great highlight though was when i met uncle Lewis, i'd seen him when i was a tiny pup but not since i got bigger so it was great when he started coming on walks with me and mum!

Another one of my best memories is when mum baked me some lovely doggy treats, yummy.

Wow 2012 was defiantly something, i even got a new sister in the form of a little abandoned kitten- my mummy found her in a field and we looked after her for a while till she got a new home, although i liked her she didn't like me!!! Cheeky thing, i mean who can't love my gorgeous face?!?!
Her first night at my house after mummy found her

A few weeks later she was looking a lot better, it's incredible what some food, water and mummy love can do!!!!

I had my third birthday to!! Which was great, there was loads of cake :D

And who can forget my big, muddy walkies? I've loved and treasured all my walkies with mummy this year, it's been a fantastic year with walkies!

Except that walk where i cuts my tongue, that was painful.

Probably the worst memory was when my friend Tyson passed away, RIP Tysie, i will never forget the fun walkies we had in the park together.

Oh yeah- i moved into nan B's with mum for a little while and have loads of fun there, i was spoiled rotten and will never forget my amazing time at nan B's (mums nans). We spent the weeks up to Christmas there and thats when we came fully back to blog and met all you amazing furiends, youse have made this year special, i love reading everyones adventures and storys, i cannot wait to spend a fantastic 2013 with you all<3 

Mummy wants to say a few words to- 
Thankyou all for making this year such a good one, everyone here brings a smile to my face each day. We all really have a fantastic community here, i love you all so much, thankyou for making this year so lovely, loads of love Elise xxx

Gods mummy you're making me all choke up, have a great day everyone- heres your fact of the day...