Friday 15 February 2013

Quick message....

Last nights ball was HILARIOUS and absolutely fantastic! I had a great time and enjoyed the evening with my beautiful date Ruby. Personally i thinks we were the best dancers there hehehe. It was my first blogville  event and it was GREAT!

Anyways i'm not gonna be around for a couple of days, my stupid mummy is going to her friends (thanks for abandoning me for nothing) until tuesday!! Yep she's gone for 5 WHOLE DAYS, i'm gonna try gets around to your blogs today but i might not haves enough time so if i don't visit you sorry!!!!!

Hope everyone has a fantastic day at the circus!!!
Enjoy the creepy picture of me while i'm gone BOL!!!!

Pees- Ruby, me and mum are going to send you a thankyou present for the obama stuffs when mum gets back so email mummy your address please!!!!!

Wednesday 13 February 2013

I thought..

I'd get you all in the mood for valentines day with all these cards...
Sorry guys some of these are naughty...

Yeah mum made me put this up.

BOL BOL BOL Me and mum have been peein' at these!!! 

Oh yeah, i gots a sports car so me and Ruby can arrive at the ball in style..

Now on a more serious note do you all remember that dog that was stolen and i posted about it? Well sadly his dead body was found in a canal today, some people are so fucking cruel, i hope the people who did this to Milo die very painfully. 
RIP Milo<3

Monday 11 February 2013

New member of the family!

I'd like to introduce you to my new cousin, his name is Godzilla Thor Middleman and he's some kind of creature thing.
Leopard Gecko
Thanks mum, yeah leopard Gecko.

Godzilla is uncle Lewis's, at the moment he's really shys because he hasn't been around peoples much buts hopefully soon he will be comfortable enough for us to hold him!! (well for Lewis cause i don't thinks i could hold him in my paws).

You see that white stuffs in the floor of his tank? It's a special calcium thingy too make sure Godzilla is kept healthy at all times! Now although he is only small he is ALOT of hard work!! He eats crickets and mealworms... and i thoughts i ate some gross things.

At the moment he is shedding his skin!!! He had started getting more markings on his back too!!

Although i can'ts play with him he is a pretty awesome cousin.

Have a awesome day everyone.

Pees- Mummy was wondering if anyone knew any bloggy friends from Liverpool (aparts from me) because i have forgotten how to play with other doggys and sometimes i gets mad at them!! So i needs a walking partner that will help teach me how to play again! Thankyou :)

Sunday 10 February 2013


Okays everyone listen up, there is a very important message i need to share.

This is Milo.

This is Milo (has the same name as me!!). He is a three year old male Staffordshire bull terrier with a white chest and paws, he also has white around his neck, his markings are very distinctive. Milo was being walked on the park area at the back of Mousesweet Close, Dudley DY2 9JU on 19.01.13 between 00.00 and 00.30hrs. His owner was approached by 4 youths wearing hoodies, they threatened him saying they were going to take his dog. As they approached the dog, the owner released Milos harness and told him to run. Milo ran off into the wooded area towards Darby End Road, two of the youths chased Milo and the other two chased the owner. There have been no sightings of Milo so we are classing him as MISSING PRESUMED STOLEN.
CONTACT K9 Search UK on 07988 433187 or email 

Please help spread the word so Milo can be found and reunited with his owners. 

Thursday 7 February 2013

Well done, mum...

Yeah, well done mum, it's a good job we have the camera or we'd not be able to take any pictures of me :O

See my mum is really silly!! She only just realized she'd be using my shampoo all week.....
BOL look how much she has used!!

Look on the bright side mum, at least you wont be getting fleas ;]

Also i was looking through mums camera and found pictures of my enemy, did she really think she could hide this from me?!?!!?

I thinks mum deserves some time in the naughty corner for what shes done today!!!!!!!!

Wednesday 6 February 2013


While mummy was out today a VERY important package came for her, it smelled of my beautiful date to the valentines ball, Ruby

I watched the package for mummy while she was gone, i couldn't wait for her to get home and sees it!!! Anyways she got home and when she seen the package she was SUPER EXCITED!!! She was all like 'OMG OMG ITS HERE WOOOO', so after a REALLY REALLY LONG TIME short while mum had recovered enough to actually open the package, i was right, it was off Ruby and her lovely mummy!!!! Here's what was inside....

Mummy got a valentines card off Obama ;) a keyring and a little post card  thingy, she is VERY VERY happy!!!

Mum was so happy!! She was laughing so much, now she has put them up for everyone to see!!! She said she might puts the keyring on my collar 'cause we don't have any keys at the moment!!! 

I was forced decided to let mummy say a few words...

Thankyou so much Ruby and Judi for giving me all these wonderful things, I love them so much!! You guys really are the greatest, i will have to send you guys something back, thankyou so much!!!!!!<3 

Well mummys had a FANTASTIC day!! And so have i- THANKYOU RUBY&JUDI, WE LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!! 

Ruby, you make me smile THIS much!! 

Saturday 2 February 2013

Great day out!!

Yesterday mummy said she had a suprise for me and that i was going to find out what it was today, i watched her VERY closely to see if i could get any ideas, these are the clues i found:- she put two bottles of water into the fridge, checked her ipod for the weather forecast, put new batterys in her camera and texted uncle Lewis.....

Last time she done this we ended up going the beach so i was VERY excited!!!

Anyway this morning uncle Lewis came round and me him and mum all got ready to go for walkies, it started off like any normal walk and we went the usual route UNTIL we got near the fire station, mum took a different turn and we ended up going down this really long black road (which was the opposite way to the beach!!!!). We walked for ages and ages and i was SO tired!! Literally i was so tired i was almost fell behind! I was sniffing arounds and i realized that we were by the old house.. even better we were by the OLD CORN FIELD!! That used to be my favorite place to walk!! I gots so excited i started pulling loads (and made mum slip on some ice and fall on her bum BOL). We finally gots to the field and i was let off lead to have a run around!!! 

There was no pheasants to chase and no corn to run in so it soon got boring, we left to go to the other old field but sadly there was a football match on so we couldn't play there. 

We headed home pretty bummed that the walk had been so quick since mum had been planning it for ages! On the way home though we found a NEW FIELD!! And this was the best one yet!!! We stayed there for hours and i was literally so tired i couldn't even stand up anymore, mum knows when i get tired because i lie down and start rolling on the floor!!!!!!

Mums favorite pic of the day!!

Mum thinks i look like an old man on this one!!

BOL i look like a zombie!!

Getting tired!
 Hope everyone else had a great day!!!!