Wednesday 10 April 2013


We all have them, well i thinks we all do, they are what keeps us from running away and causing mayhem, we need them for walkies and- in my case- for toys!!

Yep i use my lead as a toy, see when i go for walkies i never wanna play with any toys (i can always play with thems at home). I prefer to take the lead, play chase with it, cover it in spit and mud, then give it back to mum. You guys should try it! 

All four feets off the ground, BOL i can fly.

Uncle Lewis was spinning the lead around and i just couldn't gets it..

But of course i ALWAYS out smarts the peeps!! 

Oh yeah and i have some really good news!!! Mum has been given the all clear by her doctor, so her hearts fine and she can go back boxing!!!!!!!!! MORE WALKIES AND JOGGING FOR ME YEYYY!!!!! 

Have a great day!!!!

Monday 8 April 2013


Guess whose back, back again, Milo's back, tell a friend.

HEYYYY EVERYONE!! Well i've been away for a while because mum has been super SUPER busy! Buts we have finally found time to come back and visit you all!! And we'll be around for a while too!

So how is everyone? Have a nice easter??
Mine was good!

Well I've been going on plenty of walkies and stuffs, been playing loads and i even had a bath today!!
I'll try my best to gets round to all your blogs today!!

Heres some catch up photos!!