Wednesday 27 June 2012


I can't believe what mummy did to me today! She made me have a bath!! Can you believe that!! I was so scared but she reassured me that it would be okay and i even wagged my tail once! Oh and on my walk there was this horrible man!! He called me a that!! Mum was so angry at him for that, all because his silly kids were crying for some reason! Tomorrow is my big day aswell!! I'm getting neutered, i don't know what that means but i'm happy because i love going the vets:) Wish me luck!!!

I found this puppy picture of me and thought i'd share it:)

Monday 25 June 2012


Well I snapped my new lead, i thought mum might have been a little disappointed but she didn't mind. Oh and on our walk today i took mum back to the pond so i could see if my toy was still in the water.... it was!! I still wouldn't get it though, it was in well to deep for my liking! Luckily these 3 dogs came over with there mum and dad and the little springer spaniel jumped in the water and got my red toy back!!! i was so happy! Mums friend Georgia came for a walk with us as well, she had a dog called Beauty but she weren't invited on the walk with us so i got all the attention, thats how i like it!

This is Beauty, shes beautiful!

Sunday 24 June 2012

Another good day:)

Yesterday i was so happy because mums uncle Ste came on a walk with us, he was impressed by how much my recall had improved and how i come away from dogs when mum tells me to, i have to admit though i did show off a bit and accidently ran into his legs!!

Anyway today was pretty cool to, i went to the field for a walk with mum again, unlike yesterday she remembered to bring treats so i was happy:) She brought my red toy as well, the one that floats in water but i was being lazy and didn't fetch it out the water and it was swept away so we had to leave it. When we got home i was all wet so mum had to dry me with a towel, i hate towels. But luckily she bought me a lovely bone to chew on which i had great fun with!

Mums been spending time with my cousin Molly, i know she kinda owns my humans too but still, mum is mine and i don't get jealous or anything but shes MY mum not Mollys..... 

That's me in the pond with my red toy, i wish i grabbed it now instead
of being lazy:(

The lovely, yummy bone mummy bought me 

Me chomping on the bone

This is my cousin Molly, see she's even asleep on mum here!!!
She needs to learn that mum is all mine.

Friday 22 June 2012


When a special occasion comes up for mum like her birthday she usually spends her money on me, not that i mind or anything. Last time she bought me so many toys!! I finally got a kong! The days of nagging her for one finally paid off! She got me this blue ring thing aswell, it's like rubber and great to chew! I also got a rubber ball, a squeaky butty, a red thing that floats in water (it would be great for the beach, hinthint mummy) and my all time favorite the grunting pig!!  I chewed the piggy up though and the squeaker out of my butty fell  out! But the rest are fine.... except for alot of bite marks!

Mummy placed all my toys neatly in my basket, as soon as she went out the
room  i re arranged them so they were everywhere, thats how i like it.

I had the piggy in my kennel with me

And again, i loved that pig.. too bad i ate him:(


Bad weather and walkies

Today the weather was all rainy but me and mum still went for a walk, we went to the field as usual, because of the rain i had to wear my silly coat, i don't like it but mum gets me to wear it so i keep dry and warm, i showed her it wouldn't work by swimming in the pond and getting all wet!! Oh yeah i finished my last tablet today!! I went the vets last week and they said i had a throat infection but after being on antibiotics i'm all better:) Mum thought i wouldn't realize that she hid the tablets in some ham, i knew they were there but i still ate them because i get lots of praise afterwards... and a tasty treat!!

Me on the field enjoying the rain, like my coat?

Running and swimming in the pond getting me and my coat all wet

Thursday 21 June 2012


Hi, my names Milo, I'm a Staffordshire bull terrier crossed with a Springer spaniel, i know strange cross breed huh! Well i'm new to blogger but i'm sure i'll get the hang of things soon! Especially with my mums help (her names Elise by the way). I'm 2 and nine months old, my birthday is on the 29th September, i was born in 2009, in my litter there was only boys, 5 of us in total! My mum says i'm very clever, i learned how to give her my paw in only 5 minuets!! Other tricks i know are sit, stay, paw, lie down, recall, drop and mums trying to teach me speak at the moment, maybe a few more treats and i'll give in and finally speak for her.

This is me and my 4 brothers, from left to right, Buster, Max, Me, Harry and chops
I only ever see Max now though that we're all grown up
This is puppy me again, i really liked the cushions on the couch so mummy let me keep them!

This is me now,  i really love my walks as you can tell from the big smile on my face!